Football Locker Room Project

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Since 1937, Utah Tech football has proudly represented Trailblazer Nation, and your support will help ensure this championship-caliber program continues to thrive for generations to come.

The New Football Locker Room will include:

  • 14,080 square feet
  • 120 ventilated lockers
  • Players’ lounge
  • Study space
  • A hair cut station
  • Training room
  • Hydrotherapy room
  • Hydration station
  • Equipment room
  • Coach’s locker room
  • High-quality TV projectors and screens
  • Energy-efficient lighting


  • The current locker room has significant wear and tear, the existing lockers are worn, the carpet is threadbare in places and the paint is faded and chipped on unprotected walls.
  • The square footage of the existing locker room doesn’t accommodate the entire team, players share lockers.
  • Players have to be moved off sight for training attention during games.
  • Team gathering space is cramped and sight lines are poor.
  • Coaching offices are cramped, shared, and inefficient.
  • The lighting, paint, and branding is dull.

Giving Opportunities

  • Name a Locker $1,937
  • Office $5,000
  • Conference Room (3rd floor) $10,000
  • Team Room (3rd Floor) $50,000
  • Athletic Training Facility $75,000
  • Players’ Lounge & Display $100,000
  • Plaza $200,000
  • Locker Room $500,000

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